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Nightmare Millionaire (Import)

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Get rid of your hand quickly in this card-shedding game with artwork by noted Japanese artist Sai Beppu. On a turn, a player may play a single card, a set of cards (two or more of the same suit), or a run (three or more cards of the same color with consecutive numbers). The next player must play a higher-ranking combination of cards or pass (drawing a card from the deck if there are any cards left in it). Three special cards mix things up:  A Wild card an be substituted into a run to be played as any of the three color suits; a Plus card adds the value shown to a card of the same value; and a Stop card discards all cards in play as long as one card in the previous combination contained a card of rank 6 or higher. The first player to go out scores a point for each Wild card in players' hands and in the draw deck.