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On The Road


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In On the Road, you play music bands that want to reach the Skudde Festival with the most fans.

During the game, you travel throughout the land in order to gather the highest number of fans. To win, you need to make sure they will also make it to the Festival to see you on stage — and won't get stuck in line at the toilet.

On your turn, play your movement cards to visit new places or travel back to beloved areas. Each tile represents a different landscape. The more often you visit a type of landscape, the more fans you will get there, i.e., wooden stars you place in a bag. On some tiles, you get a chance to draw from the bag. Your fans will be invited to watch you play, whereas other bands' fans will be sent to queue for the toilet.

The game ends when all the tickets for the Festival are sold. The winning band is the one with the most fans on the final stage.

  • FAMILY FRIENDLY GAMEPLAY: Engage the entire family with On The Road, a delightful board game where players become music bands trying to gather fans and reach the Skudde Festival first.
  • UNIQUE GAME MECHANICS: Utilize a novel majority mechanic where visiting various landscapes allows you to gather fans, represented by wooden stars. Strategic tile and card plays influence your band's success and interaction with other players.
  • CREATIVE ILLUSTRATIONS: Admire the artwork of renowned artist Miguel Coimbra, known for his work on popular games like 7 Wonders and Small World. His vibrant and thematic illustrations enrich the game's music festival atmosphere.
  • QUICK AND EASY SETUP: Enjoy a swift setup with a game that plays in approximately 30 minutes. Ideal for game nights, parties, or as a lively family activity. Simple rules ensure that you spend more time playing and less time preparing.
  • HIGH-QUALITY COMPONENTS: Includes 54 cards, 33 tiles, 33 tokens, 80 wooden stars, 4 wooden van pawns, and a draw bag. All materials are crafted to enhance the tactile and visual pleasure of game play, ensuring durability and long-lasting fun.