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Otaru 1899 (Import)


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Unofficial English Rules translation can be downloaded here.

This listing includes the following:

  • Otaru 1899 Base Game
  • Otaru Metal Coins
  • Otaru1899 Ambition Expansion
  • Otaru1899 Expansion for solo play

Otaru 1899 is a stand-alone expansion to Sapporo 1876, set in Hokkaido in the late 19th century.

You play as a local feudal retainer developing Otaru. For the sake of your clan's reputation, you will hire talented private school students, cultivate farmland, and expand your business.

On your turn, you perform one of four actions by moving the action pawn to a different action than the one previously taken.
Keep in mind though that your opponent will also perform that action, so deciding when to do what in order to only benefit yourself is key.

There are four types of resources in the game; Wheat, Rice, Sheep and Cows. The value of each resource varies depending on the action so resource management is important.

Otaru 1899 can be combined with Sapporo 1876 to play up to 4 players.