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PalinGnomes (Import)


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Game Overview

A palindrome puzzle game in which the gnomes are lined up according to their size.Place as many gnomes from your tribe as possible in the field.A puzzle game for everyone to enjoy.Please follow the rules of the gnomes! Number of players: 2-4 players Play time: 15-20 minutes Target age: 6+

★Game details★

In a grassland far away, where no one ever visits, there are cute gnomes who love to sing. They gather and sing songs on the grasslands almost every day, and each tribe competes with their singing voice. However, gnomes are a race with very strong preferences. Even when it comes to singing, there are strict rules. There are rules about how to line up and where to stand. Well, the gnomes have gathered again today. Let's take a sneak peek at the gnomes singing. --- I love putting as many gnomes from my tribe on the field as possible Let's make a beautiful song sound! ~The rules of the gnomes! Rules for lining up gnomes! ~ 1 Each tribe stands in turn on the grassland. 2 The place where the first gnome stands is the square next to the magical spring water! However, only small children can stand around the spring water! 3 After that, you can stand on the vertical and horizontal squares adjacent to the gnome standing in the grassland! 4 However! Gnomes are always arranged in order of size! They are arranged like small, medium, large, medium, small, medium, large. 5 More! Gnomes of the same tribe (color) cannot stand in adjacent squares vertically, horizontally, or diagonally! 6. Be careful of poisonous mushrooms! Do not climb on it! 7 If you want to stand on a square with flowers, you can't step on them, so pick the flowers before standing! 8 But if you pick a flower, that tribe will lose points! Then take the flowers home and display them! 9 Gnomes who cannot find a place to stand cannot participate in this song! 10 Once there is no place to stand, the song will finally begin! The point (score) is the loudness of your singing voice! But don't forget to deduct points for flowers! 11 When the song is finished, record the score for each tribe. 12 After recording your score, change the standing order and get ready for the next song! 13 After singing as many songs as there are participating tribes, today is over! 14 Add up all the scores for each tribe and decide the best tribe today. Let's all praise the tribe that came first!


Wooden gnome pieces 4 colors x 10

Wooden markers x 14

Grassland tiles x 9

Scoreboard x 1

Now let's enjoy the gnomes' songs!