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PARKS is a celebration of our National Parks featuring illustrious art from the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series.

Players will take on the role of two hikers as they trek across different trails during four seasons of the year. Each trail represents one season of the year, and with each season’s passing, the trails will change and grow steadily longer. Each turn, players will send one of their hikers down the Trail. While on the Trail, hikers will land on a site—such as seeing Mountain—and takes its action, in this case gaining a Mountain token. When a hiker is on a site, other hikers cannot visit it unless they spend their campfire to share the site. Canteens and Gear can also be used to improve your access to resources through the game. When a hiker reaches the end of the trail they can spend tokens they’ve received from the Trail to visit Parks to earn points. Your goal is to have the most points at the end of the year. Welcome to PARKS!

PARKS Features:

  • 48 park illustrations from 35+ artists’ work on game components

  • 12 Trail Tiles with randomized set up for variable play

  • 100 Naturally stained wooden components

  • 35 Equipment and Canteen Cards to help you gear up for your hikes

Number of Players: 1–5

Playtime: 30-60 Minutes

Designer: Henry Audubon