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Paw-lymorph Dog Toy - D20

Paw-lymorph Pet Toys

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For us, tabletop gaming is about more than what happens on the board. It's a way to create adventure and connect with friends, family, and a larger community as a whole.

When I got my first pet (Otto, the miniature schnauzer), I thought: why are we limiting the fun to our human friends and family? So I created the unique D20 dog dice that have become the center of Paw-lymorph. We've grown into a small, US-based pet toy company that ships our toys nationwide - all sparked by a desire to make something unique and special for my dog.

Our toys are made to be good enough for our own pet - so you can trust that they're designed with safety, fun (and easy cleanup) in mind. Each dice is crafted out of 100% food grade rubber, and features a hollow center and treat dispenser that encourages independent play and enrichment. Best of all, they're dishwasher safe! (Top rack only, please.) At Paw-lymorph, we're on a mission to spread the magic and imagination of tabletop gaming to every member of the family - either two or four legged. We hope you join in the fun.