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Piri Piri Summoners: Handcrafted Wooden Meeple Strategy Game (Deposit) (Kickstarter)


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In a lush valley blessed by spirits, a tribe of summoners thrives in abundance. In gratitude, the tribe commits to a sacred duty: sending summoners on a challenging journey to forge bonds with powerful spirits.

This quest is far from simple. Each summoner embarks on their own path, engaging in rituals and facing competition from their peers. Only the most skilled can complete this formidable summoning challenge.

Summoners, it's time to bring prosperity to our land. With the spirits' blessings, begin your journey and embrace your destiny.

Special Features of the Game:
- Shifty and unpredictable gaming experience
To strike the perfect balance between strategic depth and simplicity, we've developed a brand-new game concept rooted in the playing card system. By gathering suits, placing cards, and creating patterns, we've transformed these elements into simple rules that form the strategic backbone of Piri Piri Summoners. This game delivers a straightforward yet profound, shifty and unpredictable experience you won’t want to miss!

- The first-ever wooden sculpture tabletop game
Each set of Piri Piri Summoners features exquisitely handcrafted wooden sculptures that serve not only as game meeples but also as elegant decorative pieces. This unique combination brings a touch of sophistication to any game night, providing an unprecedented gaming experience. The game’s distinctive wooden sculptures elevate it beyond a mere board game, making it a standout addition to your game collection.

- Traditional handcraft x modern design
Each game set features wooden meeples that bring to life iconic Japanese mascots: the Japanese Hare, Wild Boar, Capybara, and Tanuki. Our team has seamlessly blended old-world craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics.

- Tactile quality
Our traditional craftsmanship makes these wooden meeples not only visually stunning but also substantially weightier than traditional plastic meeples. This tactile quality enriches the gaming experience by adding a sense of gravity to each move, deepening players' engagement with the game.

- Dual purpose cards
The dual-purpose cards in Piri Piri Summoners enable a seamless transition between game night and poker night. Each card is designed for both strategic gameplay in Piri Piri and traditional poker, allowing for diverse entertainment without needing different decks. Enjoy summoning spirits or playing poker with the same set, adding unique versatility to every game night."

- Spirit animal court cards
The Spirit Animal Court Cards in Piri Piri Summoners bring each game to life with stunning artwork. Each card is a gateway to discovering a unique mystery spirit, adding layers of visual storytelling to the gameplay. Players are able to engage with the richly depicted mythical creatures on each playthrough.

- Perfectly portable size
The game is designed with perfectly portable size, ensuring you can take the fun anywhere. Our compact design fits easily into any bag, making it ideal for travel, picnics, or casual gatherings. Despite its small footprint, the game offers rich and engaging gameplay, allowing players to experience the full excitement of summoning spirits wherever they go.

Goal of the Game:

The 1st player to successfully summon all 3 of their Spirit Cards wins the game. If no one can summon all 3 of their Spirit Cards and players agree to end the game, the player with the highest score win the game. Points are allocated as below: King: 6 points each; Queen: 4 points each; Jack: 2 points each; Wooden Coins: 1 point each.


In Piri Piri Summoners, players begin by selecting a wooden sculpture as their game piece and preparing the deck with Spirit and Active Playing Cards, along with Wooden Coins. The game unfolds in turns where players strategically collect cards for summoning, trap and bait their opponents, win territories and mana, and finally summon their spirits.

The core challenge lies in summoning Spirit Cards by adhering to rules of suit and number strength, with the ultimate goal being the first to summon all three of their Spirit Cards, using strategy, resource management, and tactical placement to emerge victorious.