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Planet etuC (Import)

Twins Lion Do

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This is Planet etuC, where CUTE creatures live their life peacefully.
See over there, that one is on the sea, dancing on a surfing board. That one is bathing in lava, and that is up in the sky, devouring the clouds.
Wow, you think these guys are weirdos that don’t look like any of the beings on your planet? Well, look at them again. Aren’t they so Cute…oh no, very etuC??

About this game

This is a climbing-ladder/shedding-type card game with the theme of ecosystem. This game is designed to be enjoyed by 2-3 players. Players play stronger cards than each other to win the game by getting rid of their hand.

In this game, there are two types of card ranks: numbers and colors (symbols).

At the start of a game, whether you are playing for numbers or colors hasn’t yet been decided. If the subsequent card has a stronger number, you play by numbers, and if it is a stronger color, you play by colors. If you play a card with stronger number AND color, the rule remains undetermined, and the next player will have options to choose.

To win, it is important to plan ahead and take control of the dynamic card strengths.