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Publish or Perish: Winay Kawsay


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Machu Picchu has captivated the imagination of the world and academia alike. There’s been plenty of theories about what its purpose could have been. Was it a lost city? Perhaps a citadel? Or maybe something else entirely? That is for you to decide!
In Publish or Perish: Wiñay Kawsay (roughly pronounced win-nyay cow-say) you will step into the shoes of historical scholars! Uncover artifacts, reexamine evidence – publish your histories, and navigate the impact of your actions on this enigmatic wonder. In the deeply competitive world of publish-or-perish academia, will you succeed in influencing perception of what Machu Picchu really was? Or will your theories be one of many forgotten attempts at unravelling this mystery?
Collect Evidence – Place Researcher meeples to pickup evidence cards across the site of machu Picchu.
Compete to Author Publications – Commit evidence cards supporting different interpretations to win publications and bonuses!
Manage your Impact – mitigate your disturbance to the site by returning artifacts and more.

Ages 14+
2-4 players
120 minutes play time

Game Board
Condor Board
Influence Scoring Track
Round Marker
Starting Player Token
5 Historian Researchers
150+ Wooden Book Tokens
200+ Wooden Blocks
120+ Cards
4 Player Boards
60 Wooden Player Tokens
4 Constructable Player Bookshelves