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Pueblo (Import)


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'Pueblo' refers to the beautiful mud architecture of the indigenous people of New Mexico, USA. You are now the builder of a pueblo, building a house. There is one rule: your color blocks must not be visible from the outside. If a block of a color other than beige is discovered by the chief, the architect who placed the block of that color receives a penalty point. How much of your color blocks can you hide until construction is complete? 

Pueblo | Pueblo


Author: Wolfgang Kramer, Michael Kiesling 

Illustrator: Wanjin Gill, Jiyeon Lee


Ages 8+ | 2-4 | 30 minutes



Game board, score board, 43 colored blocks (8 blue, 8 red, 6 teal, 5 purple, 16 beige), 1 chief horse, 1 chief cube, 4 player cubes, 4 order tiles, relics 4 tiles