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Quack Quack, Corrupt Ducks (Import)

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English rules can be downloaded here.

There's unrest in the Quack-Quack dynasty. The corrupt officials who took over government power are eager to exploit, and the seeds of the revolution are sprouting among the people who are aware of the injustices of the system. Your goal is to survive this chaotic time. To do that, you have to trample on others and accumulate wealth. You might be a corrupt official and rob the masses, a secret royal inspector out to punish the corrupt officials, or a revolutionary planning to overthrow the ruling class. The core system of this card game is climbing. All players receive the same number of cards and shed them by playing stronger combinations than previously played combinations. The strength of the combination is determined by the status and the number of cards. In addition, special cards "Revolution!" and "Here comes royal inspector!" cause a fierce battle.