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Rebel Crown RPG

Michael Dunn-O'Connor, Eric Swanson, Tara Markert

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Rebel Crown is a roleplaying game of courtly intrigue, obsessive ambition, and perilous conflict. It is a Forged in the Dark game, building on the core system pioneered in John Harper’s Blades in the Dark. It leverages a resolution and advancement system that is character-driven and full of interesting compromises while developing a unique focus on character relationships and a finite campaign arc.

Game Play

One player takes on the role of the Claimant, former heir to the throne who was betrayed by their family and robbed of their rightful titles. Others play their most stalwart allies: wise chancellor, devoted knight, idealistic noble, vengeful soldier, or opportunistic outlaw. Conflicting duties and ambitions will push them into points of tension, but their commitment to the Claimant’s ascent ties them together.

A GM plays the other inhabitants of the cursed and fractured Empire: nobles, commoners, outlaws, and undead wraiths. The GM presents opportunities, foreshadows consequences, and introduces adversity. They present the challenges that make the player characters’ fight for the throne uncertain and exciting. As a group, you play to find out whether the Claimant can take their throne and what sacrifices must be made along the way.

The Team
Core game design, writing, editing by Michael Dunn-O'Connor
Editing, development, design, illustration, maps by Eric Swanson
Watercolors by Tara Markert

Published by Narrative Dynamics