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Recipe on Kmiydish Paper

Exalted Funeral Press

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You were bloomed with the primordial magic of bacteria...

A Recipe on Kmiydish Paper is a one-player game about delicious food and the communities who prepare it.

This solo journaling game built on the Lost & Found SRD (Artefact, Bucket of Bolts, etc.) explores the hidden histories behind our favorite butter pickles, beers, briskets, and breads? And what would it look like if history was seen through their (yeasty) eyes? Instead of playing as adventurers at a tavern, or even a chef behind the scenes, you will inhabit a food from its conception through history in the sister cities of Blue Kmiyd and Rose Kmiyd.

Dive in to play as:
The Beverage, from vodka to tea
The Pastry, from matza to croissants
The Meat, from tongue sandwiches to kofta
The Preserve, from sauerkraut to raspberry jam