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Reforest: Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast (Kickstarter)

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Reforest is a medium-complexity card game with light engine-building elements. Players compete to grow the healthiest forest ecosystem by arranging a synergistic tableau of plants, each with their own unique traits and abilities.

On your turn, you'll choose one of two actions:

  • Gather. Draw two cards from the deck or the nursery of face up plants.
  • Play a plant. Add a plant card to your forest tableau in one of its allowed elevation rows (low, middle or high elevation). The cost of cards is payed by discarding other plants from your hand as nutrients. Given space is limited, taller plants can be grown over pioneer species at a reduced cost.

Each introduced plant earns you points and contributes to a growing ecosystem of interconnected abilities. At the end of each round (when the plant deck is emptied), an animal visitor card will be earned by the player who's plants best matched the visitor's habitat preferences (most flowers / fruit / etc).

The game ends when all visitors have found a home. Each player's forest is scored for the value of their plants and for the visitors they host.