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Return to Dark Tower RPG

9th Level Games

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The Return to Dark Tower RPG is designed to be played over a series of 3 to 5 game sessions collectively called a `campaign`. During each campaign, the players create an ADVERSARY together (or choose one of the existing great evils -- like the Bane of Omens or the Ash Strider). One player will take on the role of the ADVERSARY and will act as the Maze Controller, or MC -- the campaign`s game master. They will run the game sessions, and plot against the players using the resources laid out in the game manual to crush their puny heroes! The other players will each create a HERO and a COMPANION from one of the Four Kingdoms. Together, they will quest to assemble allies, armies, and artifacts of great power to aid their cause. They will take on quests and delve in dungeons to either build up their own power, or remove their enemies' advantages.