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Robomon - The Tabletop Adventure! (Deposit) (Gamefound)

Gabe Barrett

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RoboMon is an exploration-focused, story-driven, open-world game of robot combat for 1-2 players.

After a series of wars and climate events, most of the world's animals went extinct. RoboMon were invented to piece the environment and ecosystems back together. But it wasn't long before people figured out they could be reprogrammed for some pretty sweet robot battles.

You pick things up 50 years after the world has been put back together. Take on the role of a brand new RoboMon trainer exploring the world and attempting to become a fully licensed RoboMon Ranger and the greatest trainer on the planet.

Explore the book of maps, and work your way through the adventure book to complete quests, solve puzzles, and defeat gym leaders. Earn enough badges to become a fully licensed RoboMon Ranger and win the game!

Each game session can take 5 minutes or 5 hours depending on how long you want to play.