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Rurik: Stone & Blade Expansion - Kickstarter Edition


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The throne of Kievan Rus is finally within your grasp — if you can rise above your sibling rivals! Build epic structures, capture your enemies for ransom, and deal with rebel opposition. Will you seize your destiny or fade into obscurity?

Rurik: Stone & Blade is a modular expansion for Rurik: Dawn of Kiev and is divided into core content and three modules. It is recommended to integrate the core content into all future plays of Rurik. You can add an individual module or any combination of modules.

Core Content: More gameplay variety with minimal rules overhead.

Module A – Epic Structures: Build structures to cement your legacy.

Module B – Warfare: Capture opposing troops and hold them for ransom.

Module C – Rebel Factions: Suppress the growing rebel opposition.

Requires Rurik: Dawn of Kiev to play.