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Shards of Infinity: Saga Collection - Mastery Edition (Kickstarter)

Stoneblade Entertainment

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Shards of Infinity Saga Collection is an extraordinary deck-building experience that immerses players into the ever-expanding universe of Shards of Infinity. The Saga Collection is the perfect starting point, including all expansions and promo cards, along with new and upgraded components.

Beyond the PVP, Solo, and Co-op modes, the Saga Collection introduces an exciting new Legacy mode that immerses players in the rich world of Shards of Infinity. This mode allows them to master gameplay from every set while delving into the game's lore. Additionally, the inclusion of a brand-new Shard Master enables epic showdowns with up to six players.

In Shards of Infinity, players must strategically tailor their decks, acquire new cards, and utilize allies and champions to diminish their opponents' health to zero. Only through meticulous planning and aggressive gameplay can one player emerge as the ultimate victor.

The Shards of Infinity Saga Collection includes the following:
  • Updated artwork and components
  • Shards of Infinity
  • Shards of Infinity: Relics of the Future
  • Shards of Infinity: Shadow of Salvation
  • Shards of Infinity: Into the Horizon
  • All released promo cards and new, unreleased promo cards