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Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective: Baker Street Irregulars


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Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective: Baker Street Irregulars is a cooperative game. Players try to solve mysteries by interviewing suspects, searching through newspapers, and walking the streets of London for clues. In Baker Street Irregular’s, ten brand new cases written by a British specialist of Sherlock Holmes, players embody the Irregulars, the young kids helping the most famous detective ever during his investigations.

• New Cases - Ten brand new cases for the first time in years. Developed by a specialist of Sherlock Holmes.
• New Mechanics - New narrative mechanisms offer a more immersive experience and keeps track of players’ progress in the cases.
• New Story Arc - Introductions a new storyline arc based around the young, Baker Street Irregulars!

1 Map of London; 1 London Directory; 1 List of Informants; 10 Newspapers; 10 Case Booklets; 1 Rule Book