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Sky Towers (Import)

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Sky Towers is a family-friendly competitive card game for 2 to 4 players about building towers that add up to 21 with cards numbered from 1 to 10. Each card has an effect or placement restriction that will help you gain cards from other players, speed up construction, add to your neighbor's towers, peek at the deck, allow you to build any card, etc. In team mode, the effects are useful for exchanging cards between team members.

The only building restriction is that cards cannot go over 21 and you cannot build tower cards that match your neighbors' topmost card on their nearest towers to you. Nobody in your city wants to be a copycat.

Completed towers gain you points based on the number of kites on the card, with lower-value cards scoring more points. Completed towers and other actions may award you a bonus worth points at the end of the game. Cards in your hand and unfinished towers do not score.

Race to build the perfect city until the deck runs out, and enjoy building towers from around the world on top of other towers from around the world.