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Spire RPG: Quickstart

Rowan, Rook and Decard

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Spire is a mile-high city riven by oppression and cruelty. The ruling high elf class lord over the subjugated dark elves from ice-rimed palaces while their charges work and die in their factories, gardens, tenements and armies. The time has come for change. Join the Ministry of Our Hidden Mistress, a paramilitary cult devoted to an illegal goddess, and take Spire back at the point of a blade. Hit the ground running and change the city for good with the Spire Quickstart. It includes: Streamlined rules, edited and redesigned for clarity and ease of play. Six pregenerated characters include Bonchance Malrique (a spoiled but brilliant Midwife occultist), Diyell Serpent’s Eye (an ex-military gangster Knight), and Mallory Hemlock (a damaged moonpriest with a taste for murder). Snuff Out The Sun, a starter adventure, which focuses around the murder and replacement of a prominent high elf bishop before (or during!) a spiritually relevant solar eclipse – and is designed to mesh with the Conspiracy Kit, allowing you to continue your campaign with ease.