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Spire RPG: The Revolutionary's Guide

Rowan, Rook and Decard

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The mile-high cursed city of Spire (Spire: the City Must Fall) is rife with sedition, insurrection and crime. In the depths of the Works district, countless printing presses churn through illegal news sheets, black market periodicals and revolutionary pamphlets – and the Revolutionary’s Guide to Spire is one of them. This zine is an in-character document (written by Grant Howitt (Spire, Heart) and Chris MacDowall (Into the Odd, Electric Bastionland) and designed by Mina McJanda (Voidheart Symphony, Lancer)) put together by well-meaning idiots, backstabbing poseurs, wannabe revolutionaries and several deluded advertisers. Inside you’ll find details on friendly businesses, dubious magic spells for the elf on the street, easy methods of workplace sabotage, an interview with a murderer, the latest fashion trends, first-hand reviews of the latest narcotics and firearms, and the official ranking of the revolutionary organisations of Spire. The Revolutionary’s Guide is a perfect in-character companion for your games of Spire, providing plot hooks, allies and enemies for the players to investigate – or just to shed light on the mysterious world of drow and aelfir.