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Spire RPG: The Conspiracy Kit

Rowan, Rook and Decard

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The official GM screen pack for Spire: The City Must Fall includes: A tri-fold screen printed on robust cardstock. The front features depictions of the drow moon goddesses by Spire artist Adrian Stone; the back is packed with rules reminders, GMing tips, lists of names and places, and even a D20 table of exploitable weaknesses to give to NPCs. The Conspiracy Kit booklet, written by Spire authors Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor. This contains rules and guidance on making your own bespoke secret society using some of the NPCs detailed within. Once the conclave is set up, task your players with infiltrating and subverting it for the glory of the Ministry. Each NPC has sets of tables packed with motivations, flaws, leverages, assets and associates to help build a scenario with an emphasis on investigation and player choice. 18 full colour postcard-sized handout portraits of key NPCs and locations by artist Rowan MacColl.