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Spirit Fire (Deposit) (Kickstarter)

Orange Nebula

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Paying this deposit secures you access to your choice of the version of the game you would like. The remaining balance ($TBD) will be due when the game is available.

Spirit Fire is a non-linear, open-world board game system in which you explore compelling fantasy realms on an introspective journey of discovery, wonder, and mystery. Your choices matter, because instead of following a story, you ARE the story.

This is a substantive, emotionally-driven experience with aspirations beyond the expected iterations on tactical combat and standard gameplay. To emphasize this vision, there is no combat. Instead, this experience finds conflict, pressure, and suspense in the countless other types of difficult challenges life asks us to overcome, including the tensions we face deep within ourselves. In the world of Spirit Fire, wisdom is your only weapon.

The game’s system has two principal pieces: your character box, and realm boxes. With the first, you create your character, with whom you explore the open-world realm boxes. Across the realms, you tell your story in a campaign of your own creation, exploring where you want, pursuing the quests and ideals of your choosing, in an experience some have compared to an MMORPG (like World of Warcraft), but most agree defies easy classification.

Spirit Fire seeks to provide the greatest single player experience available, inspired by a love of TCGs, MMOs, rogue-lite-like loops, metroidvania map development and discovery, fantasy fiction, and—more than anything—a desire for something truly new and fresh.

You’ll explore a series of open-world maps, uncovering new locations and quests in worlds that evolve based on your discoveries and actions. As your character grows, you will craft your deck and bring it to bear against countless unique challenges in the game’s spiral bound book. Each quest or encounter card introduces variables that create a unique variation of one of the book’s dozens (and dozens) of challenge spreads, which vary wildly in style and function depending on the type of activity you are engaged in. Each challenge or activity you’re attempting (evading a threat, deciphering a lost language, negotiating with telepathic wolves, and so forth) recontextualizes your card play, giving you a constant stream of fresh opportunities for creative response without requiring you to learn a bunch of new mechanics all the time.

With drop-in / drop-out multiplayer (meaning seamless transitions between solo and cooperative play, if you’re a “never solo alone”-er), multiple open-world realms coming at launch (with many more in development), and a plan for a continuous stream of quest packs that can by played in any realm, Spirit Fire is a deeply customizable, on-going experience from the award-winning creators of Vindication and Unsettled.

What will you do, in this dark world, with the flame you carry?