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Stereo Mind (Import)


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Everyone’s listening to the same song, but are we hearing the same thing? Turn up the volume and find out how much you think alike! This is Stereo Mind, a cooperative music appreciation game of solid sounds and group vibes!

The players listen to the music and try to choose the same word. When all the players manage to select the same word, they keep the card as a success. The players can acquire up to 7 points as a team.

  1. Revealing the top card of the Card deck, and scans the QR code of the current top card of the Card Deck. Press the play button on the resulting screen to stream a song or sounds.
  2. Each player listens closely and secretly sets their own dial to the number next to the word that best suits the recording. Players should not discuss or otherwise signal their choice during this process.
  3. Everyone counts to three and reveals their dials at the same time.

If all players revealed the same number - SUCCESS! Score 1 point.
If even one player shows a different number from any other player- FAILURE!

When a turn ends with only one card left in the Cassette Tape Deck, the game is over. The players count their number of successes to determine the team’s score.