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Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Legends Board Game

Kessler Corporation

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Street Fighter V: Champion Edition - Legends is a cooperative game of brawling action for 1-4 players designed by Mitch Schroeder.

In each game, you will take on the role of your favorite Street Fighter characters and work together to defeat your rivals and overcome your nemesis. Build your combos, upgrade your abilities, and create your legend.

The Four Kings are up to no good and it falls upon the World Warriors to stop them. Choosing a fan-favorite fighter, such as Ryu or Chun-Li, players will perform powerful attacks and build epic combos on their way to defeating the king at the end of each stage. Combining modular style decks and familiar special moves unique to each fighter, there is no shortage of options for toppling the kings, one by one.

Featuring a huge roster of characters and stages from Street Fighter V: Champion Edition in an all-new cooperative setting, players will be able to experience Street Fighter like never before.

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 30-90 minutes