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Tapiru: A Bubble Tea Game (Kickstarter)

Elaine Shimokawa

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In タピる (Tapiru), players attempt to build three cups of bubble tea, with consistent branding, in an effort to be the first player to collect scoring tiles with the "Ta" "Pi" "O" "Ca" sounds.

Specifically, three columns are created between the players, one for each cup. Each column gets a random scoring tile, and a token to indicate whether the scoring tile will be awarded to the cup with the most or the least tapioca. Each player starts with a straw and bottom for each of their three cups.

On a player's turn, they will draw a tile from the stack and then play one tile to one of their cups. The tiles may be a tapioca card, a branding card (the cup logo), or a bottom. If a bottom card is placed, that column's demand switches, either from most tapioca to least tapioca, or the reverse.

At the end of a round, cups will be eligible to score if they have a lid, bottom, three tapioca sections, and a brand. Players each have a total maximum amount of tapioca that may be contained in their three cups. The player who best satisfies each columns' requirements wins the corresponding sound tile and additional may be earned if all cards of one cup contain the same color of straw. Multiple rounds of play may be required to determine a winner.