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Tell Me Challenge


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Tell me you're a board game fanatic without telling me you're a board game fanatic. We'll go first: We made a game out of the popular #tellmechallenge on social media. #TellMeChallenge, also known as "Tell Me Without Telling Me" is a fun trend where social media users ask others to share personal opinions and beliefs without outright saying what they are talking about.

★ The “Tell Me Without Telling Me” party game!
★ On TikTok and other social media outlets, this challenge has gone viral with thousands of millions of views.
★ Great family game for adults and teens!
★ For 3–12 Players ages 12+; 30 minutes playing time
★ Contents include:
• 200 Cards with 400 Challenges
• 8 Blank Customizable Cards
• Card Cover
• 12 Punchout Tokens
• 2 Dice
• Gameboard
• Sketch Pad and Rules for Cooperative, Competitive, and Remote Play