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Terra Mystica: Big Box

Capstone Games

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Only few other games have received as many awards in recent years as Terra Mystica! In this peaceful strategy game, you'll decide the destiny of your faction. Choose between witches, darklings, dragon masters, and 17 other factions. Terraform the world to your ideas and construct a large number of buildings. Upgrade them and gain various resources as regular income. Build your stronghold to activate your faction's special ability. Build temples and gain influence in the four cults of fire, earth, water, and air! Use the unique ability of your faction. Terra Mystica offers a great depth of play without being unnecessarily complicated. The numerous factions and different round scorings guarantee high replayability.

1-5 players
Ages 14+
30 minute play time per player

Terra Mystica Base Game
Terra Mystica Fire & Ice Expansion
Terra Mystica Merchants of the Seas Expansion
Solo mode by Automa Factory