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The Gang


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Round up your gang and get ready to pull off a series of bank heists using the power of poker! In this innovative, cooperative version of a poker game, players bet on how good they think their hand of cards will be relative to the other players, and then try to make their predictions a reality. 

Early in a round, without talking to each other, each player chooses a chip indicating how good they think their hand is. Then they begin dealing cards in the middle of the table and have a chance to reassess their hands as more cards are revealed. At the end of the round, players see if they correctly evaluated their hand. If all players did, you get to open one of the bank vaults! If not, you trip the alarm! If you manage to open three vaults before you trip the alarm three times, your gang wins! 

  • A classic game of poker with a cooperative twist
  • Fast rounds and high-stakes, gameplay is based on the poker variant, Texas Hold’em
  • Previous poker experience not required!
  • Perfect for fans of The Crew and other cooperative card games!
  • Quick play time and minimal game materials make for a great game to take on the go.