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The Witcher RPG: Essential Dice Set


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Gwent may be the game of the land in The Witcher, but a good set of dice will still take you far. The Witcher Essential Dice Set is the perfect accessory for anyone playing The Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game or for anyone who wants to bring a bit of Witcher flavor to another world.

The Witcher Essential Dice Set includes:
★ 6 six-sided dice, each with the sigil for a different witcher school as the high value.
★ 2 ten-sided dice. One numbered 1 thru 10 and the other 10 thru 100. Both with the sigil the School of the Wolf, made famous by Geralt of Rivia.
★ A gorgeous set of dice, dark mohagany art on bone ivory cores. Designed and crafted by the master smiths at Q Workshop to evoke the feeling of the beloved Witcher universe.