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Things In Rings


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It’s a Thing-slinging, string-ringing, rule-guessing race!
A “thinky” party game, like Codenames or Wavelength. Use logic and deduction to understand the rules of the mysterious Venn Diagram.

Players play as "Finders" and attempt to correctly place "Thing" Cards into a Venn Diagram. Each Ring of the Venn Diagram has special rules. The twist? Only one player, playing as "The Knower," knows the secret rules.

  • ENGAGING PLAY: Discover the joy of Venn diagrams in a fun party setting! Each player interprets the same clues each turn, making for an exhilarating reveal of hidden rules.
  • EDUCATIONAL AND FUN: Enhance your deductive reasoning and pattern recognition skills while having fun. Ideal for both kids and adults to play and learn together.
  • QUICK AND ACCESSIBLE: With a playtime of 20 minutes and rules easy enough for anyone aged 8 and up, this game is perfect for quick, engaging sessions with 2-6 players.
  • RICH GAME CONTENTS: Includes a box, rules, 3 unique rings, around 250 noun cards, and 50 rule cards, offering endless replayability with various rule combinations.
  • ARTISTIC AND PORTABLE: Beautifully illustrated by Snow Conrad, and packaged in a compact box, making it easy to store and perfect for travel.


  • Box, Rules
  • 3 Rings
  • 250ish noun cards
  • 50ish rule cards