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Till the Last Gasp

Darrington Press

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Till the Last Gasp is a dramatic 2-player storytelling game of duels. Spanning genres and settings, this game takes you straight to the action of two characters in conflict - and as blows are exchanged, emotions are betrayed, secrets revealed, and stakes raised. Till the Last Gasp uniquely enables you to capture the climax of great cinema fights and clashes from stories we all know and love, and new stories you'll make through play. This is a storytelling game as much about your character's innermost feelings as it is about armor or weapons. A duel flourishes to life with the drama you bring to each move. Reflect the heat of your conflict in your surroundings: smash vases, swing from chandeliers, scar machinery with laser swords. Duel in Any Setting: Play fist-fighting monks, gunslingers on a windswept plain, high-tech laser sharpshooters, and wielders of the arcane arts! Till the Last Gasp can accommodate nearly any setting and a wide variety of genres and characters.