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Tucana Builders

Surfin' Meeple

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Tucana Builders is a sequel to the award winning Trails of Tucana.
Place tiles on spaces that match the revealed terrain card to connect animals to corresponding huts.
All connections that score in round 1 will score again in round 2. So, do you go for high scores in round 1, or will you try to create smart intersections for long-term benefits?
Tucana Builders is an easy-to-teach game for those who enjoy challenging tile-laying puzzles.

  • ENGAGING TILE-LAYING MECHANICS: Dive into the strategic world of Tucana Builders, where players lay tiles to connect animals to huts based on terrain cards, enhancing critical thinking and planning skills.
  • DYNAMIC SCORING SYSTEM: Score points in two rounds for long-term strategic depth. Optimize your placements in the first round to benefit in the second, adding a layer of tactical decision-making.
  • QUICK AND ACCESSIBLE: Learn to play in minutes with simple rules but discover a surprisingly deep strategic experience, making it perfect for both casual and serious gamers.
  • VIBRANT ARTWORK AND THEME: Enjoy the beautifully illustrated tiles and cards which bring the colorful world of Tucana to life, appealing to a wide age range and enhancing the gaming experience.
  • REPLAYABLE AND VERSATILE: With a variety of tiles and cards ensuring no two games are the same, and an average playtime of 30 minutes, Tucana Builders is ideal for game nights as both a main attraction and a filler between longer games.


  • 1 Scoring Boards
  • 5 Player Sheets
  • 25 Scoring Discs
  • 30 Huts
  • 11 Setup cards
  • 30 Starting Tiles
  • 6 Starting Cards
  • 5 Wild Cards
  • 120 Path Tiles
  • 12 Terrain Cards
  • 1 Score Pad
  • 6 Achievement Cards