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Twinkle Starship (Import)

Twins Lion Do

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It’s time for a crazy race that encompasses the entire universe to begin, where anything goes. Racers have assembled from different planets with their proud spaceships. Their machines of quality are crafted with invaluable ore unique to each of their planets. Who would run at the speed of light, and who would show off his calm and fine control?
Just now, the fanfare echoes in the stadium to announce the start of the race.
Here begins the Twinkle Starship Race!!!

[About this game]

This game is a trick taking game for 3-4 players with the theme of a spaceship race.
This game is played with cards that have digital numbers on them. In the game, you will be utilizing small segment sticks to control and manipulate the numbers of the cards, just like matchstick puzzles. For example, you can add one segment to 0 to make it 8, or add three segment to 1 to make it 3. This is a must-follow game with an unorthodox bidding system. Only when the amount of the sticks you have left at the end of a game and the number of tricks you won are matching, you are allowed to score points.