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Valeria Card Kingdoms - Second Edition

Daily Magic Games

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The Kingdom of Valeria is once again under attack from legions of undead, goblins, and many more nightmarish creatures. The King of Valeria, in his old age, lacks the strength to protect our great kingdom. In Valeria Card Kingdoms - Second Edition, you play a Duke or Duchess with the power to hire citizens, buy domains, and slay monsters to bring peace to Valeria and become its next ruler. Each round, a player rolls the dice to see which citizen powers are activated for everone at the table. On your turn, use your actions to recruit citizens for their ongoing benefits, buy domains for their unique powers, or slay monsters for rewards and victory points. Do you have what it takes to outwit your opponents and become the next ruler of Valeria? 2nd Edition compatible with 1st and 2nd Edition expansions.