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Vindication - Chronicles Expansion

Orange Nebula

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The road to restoring your lost honor goes deeper with Chronicles, the second expansion to Vindication. Chronicles adds more narrative, immersion, and story to the existing Vindication experience, both for the island itself and for your own personal journey.

Narrative-choice chronicle cards add a layer of decision and intrigue that bring your story to life. Each time you gain a card in the game (companion, relic, trait, monster, pet, etc) another player will draw and read a chronicle card, which presents you with a narrative prompt and a decision, ultimately telling the story of how you obtained that card. As you grow your tableau, so too do you chronicle your own journey.

These decisions are further recorded on new, large, full color paper player sheets. Make enough decisions embodying a certain attribute and you become legendary for that attribute, gaining you a powerful new ability and a big gorgeous tarot card to place next to your wretch tile to help you feel extra good about your progress.

All the while, you must confront various global events that rage across the land. At times no one may visit an inn until all the bandits have been run off. Strange mists may make traveling the edge of the map extra perilous. Dozens of unique events change the game state in some dynamic way — until someone deals with it and claims a huge reward.