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Whale Street (Import)

Olin Studio

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In the brutal stock market, there are those who control the company, swing stock prices, and build wealth.
They create waves that cover the market with huge capital. They are called WHALES.

This game is a stock game played in a short time. Players must understand and manipulate the status of the company and invest wisely to win the game. Each company's status is represented by
a combination of tech cards. The tech cards placed on the company board represent the skill status of each company, therefore are applied only to that company. On the other hand, the tech cards placed on the market board represent the market conditions affecting all companies, and therefore are common to all companies.
Reference card shows superiority and inferiority according to the combination of tech cards. Depending on the ranking of the company status, earnings and stock prices fluctuate. Players have to grow their assets, sometimes manipulating, and sometimes predicting the status.