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Wixoss: Curiosity Diva Booster Box

Takara Tomy

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This booster pack introduces the team Kyurukyurun☆, consisting of Mahomaho, Mikomiko, and Yukayuka to the game. This booster pack also features new level 3 center LRIG cards for Hirana, Muzica, WOLF, Nova, Tawil and Umr.

This set features a cycle of SR-rarity SIGNI and a cycle of spells that are linked, with the two cards having connected artwork and the spells having effects that support the SIGNI.

Contains 93 cards (6 PI, 25 L, 12 SR, 17 R, 33 C), as well as 19 alternate-rarity cards (8 DiR, 7 SCR, 4 ???).