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Worldbreakers: The Indigo Sisterhood Expansion (Kickstarter)

Elli Amir

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Marco Polo has made a daring escape amid the chaos of the assault on Khutulun’s Amu River Encampment. Hot on his trail are three formidable women: Miriam, a diplomatic envoy of the Muhandasat guild; Boraqchin, seeking retribution on behalf of Khutulun herself; and Farvardeen, an inquisitor for the Order of Assassins, desperate for answers. Yet, they'll soon uncover that Polo isn't bound for Europe as anticipated, but towards the enigmatic Indigo Grotto, a vital clue to the mysteries of mythium and its influence on their world. Embark on a quest with the Indigo Sisterhood, locate the Grotto, and forever reshape history!

Worldbreakers: The Indigo Sisterhood is the inaugural expansion to Worldbreakers, a tactical two-player card game. You start the game with a Worldbreaker that has a unique special ability and a deck of 30 cards. As the game unfolds, you'll recruit followers to claim the board and develop location cards to accumulate resources and power. The first player to amass 10 power emerges victorious!

The Indigo Sisterhood enhances the gameplay with fresh events, followers, and locations for all four guilds. It also ushers in two new Worldbreakers: Miriam, entrusted by the Moon guild with the mission to locate the Indigo Grotto, and Kublai Khan, a distinguished master of the Stars guild. Additionally, the expansion extends the narrative of the Worldbreakers solo campaign, drawing players deeper into the unfolding saga.