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Yafsiga RPG Core Rulebook

Black Site Studios

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Dire Fantasy Skirmishes in a Dwindling Age

A once-prosperous kingdom vanishes overnight leaving behind only silent, overgrown ruins and an iridescent aurora that corrupts and twists all it touches. The embattled denizens of neighboring nations now thrown into disarray seek to venture into this strange new territory, hoping to eke out a profit by plundering priceless relics from the remains of the kingdom.

In this skirmish-scale wargame players build warbands to face their rivals in combat, aiming to secure treasure, knowledge, and territory in this perilous no-man’s land. Should they prove successful, the spoils of victory and great renown await them upon their return from this perilous deathtrap now known as the Bloomsreach.

Whether you are a seasoned wargaming veteran or a newcomer to the hobby, Yafsiga offers a fresh new experience for everyone. This includes a diceless method for resolving combat, a unique and flavorful method for quickly building your forces from the ground up, and a bespoke scenario generator to ensure no two games of Yafsiga are ever the same.