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Yazeba's Bed and Breakfast RPG (Boxed Set)

Possom Creek Games

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Our story begins in a sprawling old house outside time and space, where it’s always September 15th and there’s always room for a new visitor. A teen girl sits on the windowsill, reading a well-worn paperback and listening to the splashy-crashy rain come down. She's alone in the world, but soon enough the strangers who reside here will become her closest friends, family, and mentors.

If you love slice-of-life fantasyqueer found family, and cutting-edge game mechanics, then read on!

Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast is many things. It’s a bed and breakfast, of course, but it’s also this book. And this book is a book, of course, but it’s also a role-playing game—the sort of game we can play with our friends around a table, or on a voice call while hanging out, or even very, very slowly by mail.

Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast is played over the course of 48 chapters, each of which is a 1 to 2-hour scenario with its own unique but quick-to-learn rules. Players can take control of one of the 7 long-term residents of the B&B or choose from a cast of 50 quirky guests, each of whom has their own ongoing storylines.

The adventures contained within each chapter include lazy afternoons, frightful nights, insurmountable chores, and zany competitions, so every play session is full of surprises. There are bespoke game rules for overcoming mountains of laundry, picking berries, surviving a trip to the scary basement, naming constellations, and everything else that matters in a slice-of-life story. These mechanics are simple and modular, meaning you only need to know the rules for the chapter in front of you. It can take as little as 15 minutes to start playing.

After each chapter, we’ll be able to make changes to our characters and to the book—unlocking new guests and chapters and advancing the individual storylines of each character who played. Whether they've traded their heart away for magic powers or are just doing the everyday business of growing up, everything about a character can change through play, including their core identities. Over time, your copy of Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast will become a unique artifact of your group's play experience, a treasure that you can revisit and replay for decades.

Yazeba's unusual blend of premade charactersmodular rules, and legacy mechanics makes it a perfect game for pick-up play: busy players can drop in and out without ever feeling lost, and anyone who wants to jump in can make a long-term impact without a long-term commitment. We’ve spent months playtesting and working with our developmental consultant Avery Alder to make sure the game is as easy as possible for new players to step into, while still offering incredible depth for the more experienced player.