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Zero to 100

Scorpion Masque

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A relatively smart party game!
In Zero to 100, your challenge is not to be too far off target when answering trivia questions. Divide players into three teams and give each team six question cards at random. Each question has a numerical answer from 0 to 100 on its reverse side, but you can never look at the back of a question card until after you play it!

★ EASY TO LEARN: With intuitive rules and quick gameplay, you can easily jump into the game and play back to back with new players.
★ LIVELY DISCUSSIONS: The wide range of topics on the Question cards are guaranteed to spark discussions between teammates and around the table.
★ ORIGINAL TRIVIA GAME: You’ll be surprised by how close or far off your guesses are. You may even learn something new!

• 158 Question cards
• 9 Power cards
• 1 Starting card
• 1 rulebook