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Zombicide 2nd Edition


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The zombie apocalypse is upon us. Society has
collapsed and only a few Survivors remain. If
they want to keep alive, hiding away won't be
good enough. They'll have to participate in
some Zombicide! Zombicide puts players in
control of Survivors of the zombie hordes. They
must work cooperatively, completing objectives
in each mission if they want to live. With each
zombie kill, they grow stronger, but the zombies
come in greater numbers.

• Updated Mechanics: The rules
have been updated, maintaining
everything you love about
Zombicide while bringing in
elements and upgrades from the
game's years of experience on the
• Updated Survivors: There's 12
Survivors for players to choose
from, each with their own sets of
skills they can learn as they gain
adrenaline points.
• Updated Components: Zombicide
features updated components,

from tiles designed for faster set-
up to plastic dashboards to keep

everything organized.

88 Miniatures, 6 Counter Bases, 48 Plastic Pegs, 6 Plastic
Dashboards, 6 Dice, 12 ID Cards, 107 Mini Cards, 2 Punchboards, 9