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ZWEIHÄNDER is a cooperative storytelling role-playing game set in a medieval fantasy horror world. It’s a game of gallows humor, social intrigue, investigative mystery, occult magic, supernatural horror, and ancient vendettas meted out with blackpowder, sorcery, and steel.

The Starter Kit is an evolution of the original ZWEIHÄNDER game, providing both new and veteran gamers with all the tools needed to play their first fantasy horror role-playing game. It's beginner-friendly, and backward compatible with the current ZWEIHÄNDER game line.

1 Rulebook for creating characters
1 Rulebook for running the game
Secrets of Swanzi feature-length adventure
6 High-quality polyhedral dice
1 Folding GM screen
1 Folding 22"x17" map of Swanzi
Character Folios
Fortune & Misfortune tokens
Clue, Injury, & Spell cards